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We share your thoughts and concerns regarding COVID-19. Please note, we are doing everything possible to protect ourselves from the virus. Please make sure you do the same.

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CCA is dedicated to servicing our clients through a time that can be both exciting and challenging.


Our mission is to advise you on the best way to maximize profits and gain the highest prices for your treasures.


We take great pride in giving our clients the best experience possible by handling their treasures with respect and care.


Our team members are compassionate while being motivated to guide you through the entire Estate Sale process.


We strive to leave your home better than we found it and be respectful of our surroundings.

Crystal Clear Advisors, LLC reserves the right to refuse, retract, and pull out of a contract or Estate Sale for any reason at anytime. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Estate Sales

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Upcoming Estate Sales

Saturday, July 20th & Sunday, July 21st, 2024
9:00 AM-3:00 PM


We hope this finds everyone healthy, safe and well. We are excited to present the next Crystal Clear Advisors estate sale for your viewing. We have updated our protocol regarding masks, based on CDC recommendations. Please read the below information carefully.

  • CCA does NOT utilize a manual numbering system for entry into the home. 

  • Admittance into the home depending on the layout, will be somewhat limited to allow for crowd control.

  • Patrons are NOT required to wear face masks, however feel free to use your own discretion.  

  •  We do ask that All Patrons be mindful and courteous of their peers while we migrate to the "new normal."

  • CCA Staff are 100% vaccinated. 

  • CCA Staff will be wearing face masks at their own discretion.

  • Windows and doors will be open as weather permits for extra ventilation. 

  • Sanitation stations will be available for hand washing only.  


  • Cash and Credit Card Only - No checks are accepted. (A 3% service charge will be added to all credit card purchases.)

  •  Applicable Sales Tax will be added to all purchases

  • Items sold As Is/No Refunds/No Returns/No Exchanges/All Sales are Final

  • Please inspect your items prior to purchase

  • We are unable to provide pricing prior to the sale, and there will be NO pre-sales or requests to hold items. First come/First served

  •  Please be prepared to move your own items the day of sale. CCA is unable to assist with moving any item(s). All items must be removed from the home preferably on the day the item was purchased. If not, you can arrange to pick up NO LATER THAN 1:00pm on Sunday. ~~Make sure you obtain a receipt for all purchases you plan to pick up. Again, we will not be able to assist with any moving of items. WE CAN PROVIDE NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS OF LOCAL MOVERS.


While the mask requirements have relaxed, we are still determined to provide a safe estate sale experience for you! We value your continued patronage to Crystal Clear Advisors Estate Sales and your safety will always be our first priority. We are simply recommending you use your own discretion based on the new CDC recommendations. Any changes to the above protocol will be noted on our website, as well as in this section of our ad.

If you are not on our email list, please see one of our wonderful staff members wearing pink, and provide them with your name and email address. Please note, we do not share your information. You will only receive emails from Crystal Clear Advisors regarding current and upcoming sales.


03 client reviews

My husband passed away in October 2022 after a 3 1/2 year battle with cancer. We both knew that when that time came I would be downsizing to a much smaller home. In fact I went from nearly 3000 square feet to 900 square feet. I contacted Randall Hudson with Crystal Clear Advisors to help me with the massive downsizing and liquidation process. I did not want to be involved in the liquidation/estate sale  process at all and I wanted a turn key experience. Crystal Clear Advisors exceeded my wildest expectations on both those accounts. Randall met with my daughter and I quickly. He thoroughly explained their services and he and his team began work immediately. He brought his team over to preview what was involved. Every single person on that team was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and empathetic to my situation. In less than 2 weeks time my house was completely staged for a massive estate sale. I did nothing, as I desired. The estate sale was well advertised and executed perfectly. The sales amount exceeded my expectations and within two days after the sale, my house was completely empty and clean. Crystal Clear Advisors does a wonderful job of listening to their clients’ needs and wishes and creates an estate sale experience designed just for them. I would highly recommend their services to help in a situation that is usually emotionally and physically exhausting for homeowners.

Cris Pachura


We were planning to sell our house in the next year when circumstances changed to move our time line up. Suddenly, we were hoping to put our house on the market as soon as possible.  And while I agreed to, and understood the rational for the speed, I was conflicted.  It was not easy.   Enter Randall and his wonderful team.  Working around a quicker, tighter deadline as well as a holiday weekend, Randall and his team moved quickly, dropping off the sale set up materials on a Sunday evening two weeks prior to our sale.  What a joy to meet the team and watch them in action.  They arrived after the close of a previous sale and I expected them to be tired and ready to get home after what had no doubt been a long and tiring day.  Was I wrong.  They were all smiles and energy and when they unloaded the various tables, signs and paraphernalia, I watched in amazement at their efficient, precision team work.  They made short work of the unloading and stacking, working together in a line handing items off to one another with a smile or good natured comment.  


After, I asked them if they would like a preview of what they were in for at my house (it was a mess). No worries.  They were happy to have a preview and interested to learn a little about the family that lived there.  In short.  They cared.  And it showed.  I felt very comfortable leaving things in their hands. 


The last few weeks in my home, might have been a stressful miserable time of trying to sort, choose and pack, but it wasn’t.  Instead, I was able to work room by room, asking myself, what did I love and want to take with me.  Yes there were some tears but mostly it was a joyful time of collecting and spending time with those things that had most meaning to me and my family.  I was assured on multiple occasions to not worry about any mess or what was left behind.  Randal and his team would handle all of it, sorting, selling, donating and cleaning – leaving me to focus just on those items I was taking with me.  It was very freeing.


When I closed the door for the final time and drove away, there were a few more tears.  I will miss that home, but now it lives in my memory and the special mementos and items on the walls of the new home serve as fond reminders.  


Thank you Randal and thank you to your wonderful team!!!  You and the crew made what could have been a miserable, difficult time, so much easier.

Mary Wellman

Dear Randall and And Your Dream Team,


I don’t know where to begin to thank you for the service, the friendliness, the professionalism, and the sensitivity all of you showed us from start to finish while we were transitioning my parents from their beloved home of 27 years to a graduated care facility. 


While these transitions are never easy, you and your team made the very hardest part the easiest: THE GREAT CLEAN OUT. It’s overwhelming for families to even know where to begin, especially when there is significant downsizing and there are so many memories and  so many well-loved treasures. 


Randall, you came to the house, sat down with us, offered reassurances that ‘It’s going to be okay’ and said what we needed to hear the most: ‘We’ve got you. We’ve got you.’ The sensitivity you demonstrated when you walked through my parent’s house, admiring their treasures while listening to stories of their courtship, their engagement, their travels, and their accomplishments was so tender and heartfelt, I knew we’d found the right company to handle our estate sale. All around the house there were tangible reminders of their memories and you respected and admired every single one.


You made this process so easy for us through your policy of ‘Take what you want and leave the rest. Don’t move it, don’t touch it, don’t bother with it, don’t think about it. Just leave it.’ We took you at your word. We didn’t worry about garage sales, donations, and dumpsters. You did all the heavy lifting. 


On the weekend of the sale, we heard from countless friends how well organized, friendly and professional you and your sales team were. Not only that, but the total of the sale by far exceeded our wildest expectations, thanks to your expert marketing. 


Randall, it’s evident you love your work. Thank goodness because families like mine need you. I can’t recommend you and your team highly enough. 


Thank you again so much for all you did for us,

Angie Bennett

When Pat Soltys, in my opinion the best realtor in Stone Mountain, recommended your company to handle the estate sale at my brother’s house, I was somewhat skeptical. There was so much stuff in the house, I didn’t know how it would be cleared out in a quick and timely manner so the house could go up for sale. Pat assured me you were up to the task and she was absolutely right.


Your staff came in, unpacked many boxes, unrolled oriental rugs, unwrapped and hung pictures, displayed and priced the myriad of merchandise, advertised the sale, ran the sale, moved out the few items that were left, and cleaned the house to where it was cleaner than when you started the project. You also had the eight cars we were selling checked out, priced, and sold in the sale. I was absolutely amazed at how little was left on Sunday afternoon when the sale was over. This Herculean task was accomplished with friendliness, politeness, compassion, and great organization. 


I would absolutely recommend Crystal Clear Advisors to anyone who is thinking of having a house sale. Randall, you and your company are by far the best and most knowledgeable house sale company I have ever worked with. Thank you for making this experience as painless and easy as possible.



Marilyn Hillstrand

Randall and his team were nothing short of polite, respectful and professional. It's never easy to have an estate sale when a loved one passes away, but Randall and his team handled every item in the house delicately like it belonged to someone they loved and cared about. I can't stress enough how comfortable Randall and his team made me and my family feel during this tough time. I was extremely impressed with how organized and efficient Randall and CCA were. What I thought was an insurmountable task, Randall and CCA were able to handle in just a few short weeks. I had to return to the house a few times before the sale and was absolutely blown away with what they were able to accomplish in such a short period of time. There was an amazing turnout for the sale and overall it went better than I could have ever expected. Regardless of circumstance I would highly recommend Randall and CCA for anyone who needs to have an estate sale. A big Thank You to Randall and the CCA team. 


David Bebo

Randall Hudson and Crystal Clear Advisors (CCA) executed and delivered an amazingly successful estate sale for us when we downsized from our home of 48 years to move.  From start to finish, it could not have been easier or more convenient for us.


The team of professionals organized, displayed, and priced everything.  At the sale, in addition to following all Covid safety protocols, they provided warm, friendly service to crowds of people and used their considerable sales skills to sell our treasures as well as our downsized leftovers.  

Using pictures they took of the displays, CCA did an excellent job of promoting the estate sale via email and multiple websites.  Afterwards, they connected us with a vendor who loaded and took unsold items for donation or disposal.  It made the cleanup easy for us.

Working with Randall and his CCA team is a pleasure in all phases of the estate sale process.  We cleared out our house, ready to put it on the market, and we made money.  We give five stars and a top recommendation to Randall and Crystal Clear Advisors.


Kenley and Margaret Jones

After living in a big house in suburban Atlanta for three decades, we decided it was time to move to a home where there are no yard duties and no stairs to climb. In our time there, we had filled the house with our possessions, including many collectibles. We despaired at the prospect of clearing out, selling or otherwise disposing of the mountain of goods. It could take us years!

An estate sale offered the easy way out. Crystal Clear Advisors explained their process and procedures, and answered all our questions. Randall was always available to calm our anxieties and respond to our (repeated) questions. 

His team came in the day after we moved out, and immediately began sorting and organizing what was left. We returned to the house several times before the sale, looking for items that were supposed to have been included in the move, and the ladies of the team were welcoming and extremely accommodating.

Before the sale, CCA posted hundreds of photos of our former possessions online, and that helped draw more than 1,500 people to the weekend sale. Nearly everything was sold, including all the collectibles, kitchen goods and appliances, outdoor statuary, tropical plants and a garage-full of tools and yard implements. 

The best part of having CCA handle the sale was that they did everything. Our sole responsibility was to deposit the sizeable check they gave us. 

Frank Rizzo
Stone Mountain, GA

Crystal Clear Advisors did an outstanding job with my parents' Estate Sale. From their complete professionalism, their organization, and follow through, I was totally impressed with how well the sale went and how much pressure this company took off my shoulders during this stressful time for myself, and especially for my parents.

They put thought and dedication into every client, trying to make the most of their treasures, and being very respectful of their feelings for having to part with said treasures. Another wonderful part of this process was how they sorted through and packed up items that were left, then referred me to a fantastic clean out company who loaded up and hauled away what was left. 

I could have never done all that they did on my own. That alone made it so worth hiring them!! I will highly recommend Crystal Clear Advisors to anyone looking for an Estate Sale company in the future. I definitely give them four stars! 

Susanne Hall

Dear Randall –


Here is a well-deserved letter of recommendation!

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did handling the sale of the items in my aunt's condominium. My aunt and I researched a lot of estate sale companies before we talked with you and we are so glad that we chose you to handle the sale. My aunt and I appreciated how quickly you responded to us when we first approached you about the sale and we appreciated how thoroughly you explained all the steps regarding the sale, and how patient you were with us in answering all our questions.


You and your team were so enthusiastic and professional. We marveled at how quickly, thoroughly and beautifully you set up all the items for sale. We also greatly appreciated how you and your team packed up the remaining times to make it easy for my aunt and I to take them for donation.


My aunt and I will heartily recommend you to anyone in the Atlanta area that is contemplating holding an estate sale.


Kindest Regards,

Leanne Pruett


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